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A Global & Small-Scale Provider

Albol Electronics was found in 1965 in London, England and for many years its main activities have been the design and production of thermal protectors and other electronic components. Numbered among our many customers were AEG and British Telecom.
In 1992 Albol established a joint venture with a Polish company Tomic S.A. where the majority of component production is now undertaken by over 250 personnel in a 10 000 m2 facility.
Many years in the market, the implementation of International standards of production and quality control, together with very significant investment, particularly in the area of research, design and production engineering, have allowed to continue to improve and extend our product range of standard and customised thermal protectors. It goes without saying that Know How gained over years of experience has earned us a pre-eminent position in the market and has enabled us to meet customer expectation on price, delivery and conformance with most international standards. All our products are tested at every stage of manufacture.

Our thermal protectors are too numerous to mention individually but any temperature from 50 - 1800C and lead lengths up to 1000 mm can be accommodated. Our catalogue illustrates the various types e.g. normally closed, power off reset, open and sealed types.
Where there is a need for a device to meet a special or unusual application, we are always prepared to consider undertaking a cooperative development programme with a customer or prospective customer.

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